Child labor in the Gaza Strip

A Palestinian child works collecting plastic and metal from waste piles in Beit Lahiya, in the northern Gaza Strip on June 6, 2023. He spends 10 hours a day roaming the streets looking for metal and plastic to sell to merchants and gets paid around US$2 per day.

Bakhmut Fortress

This photo essay was taken between July 2022 and April 2023 in Bakhmut, Ukraine. The city became a fortress for Ukrainian troops resisting the constant attack of the Russian army. A look from the first Russian shelling, where hundreds of civilians were killed or wounded, to the last Ukrainian soldiers who held out until the […]

Rob Flood in Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia, 07 December 2021: Abandoned mannequins in a place of worship that was hit by a tidal flood in Kampung Pojok, Muara Baru, Jakarta. Rob floods due to overflowing sea water inundated a number of areas in northern Jakarta. Jakarta’s land subsidence, which decreases by 6cm every year, causes tidal flooding to become more […]

Living in Makoko

Living in Makoko I am making this project because MAKOKO is a place of amazing contrasts coming together and the community’s very existence is tentative, with the threat of being disassembled always looming. The transition between land and water is hopeless and the threat of sea level rise is very high. I have to make […]

Saving exotic animals from Ukraine

Since the Russian invasion, a tremendous effort to save wild and exotic animals is carried out in Ukraine by volunteers and military. Nataliia Popova who initiated the evacuation is a former equestrian champion who turned her horse-riding centre outside Kyiv into an asylum for animals. Days after the aggression her facility filled up with exotic […]

La guareña

La Guareña, in the southeast of the province of Zamora, is a region tormented by time, where the risk of disappearance is beginning to erode its identity. In a rugged region where the wind blows and it hardly rains, the population is ageing with melancholy while the land is heading towards oblivion with no turning […]


Complaint Project The threshold defined by the UN for water scarcity is 500,000 liters per person per year. A Jordanian citizen receives 8,000 liters of water every two weeks if his house is in the north. Jordan is the second country with the scarcity of this basic resource in the world. Added to these difficulties […]