War in Ukraine

IFPA 2022 Nominee - War in Ukraine




Entrant Name: Nicole Tung
Award Status: – Nominee
Award Category: Spot News
Story Locations: Ukraine

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 has triggered a refugee crisis, with over 7 million people fleeing the country, while another 8 million remain displaced within. Indiscriminate strikes on civilian areas by Russian forces have sent people underground, sometimes living in dank basements for months at a time. As the war hits its six month mark, the toll on the nation’s psyche and its citizens is all too stark.

Every day, thousands line up outside aid distribution points in various villages and towns across the country, a testament to the enormity of the humanitarian crisis that has unfolded, and every day, is yet another series of funerals for Ukrainian servicemen who have died in the fighting.


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